Russian Club

Legal dialogue!

Date : 25 Aug, 2020 - 11:00

Location : Dubai, UAE

Venue : Online


Member Registration : No

Non Members Fee : $0.00


In August, the vice-chairman of the Russian Club, Aiman Yeskarayeva, will talk about how to leave the UAE correctly, and give recommendations on how to close organizational and legal issues when leaving the country. Topics will be covered:

1. Closing the company: procedures and stages

2. Dismissals: grounds and possible risks

3. Return of the apartment (utility bills, rent, deposits)

4. Closing loans: recommendations and consequences when leaving with debts

5. Cancellation of a visa: checklist, general rules

6. Power of attorney for property management: process, cost and authority

7. The will of property: legal aspects and clarifications


Venue: Online, zoom platform.   

Participation fee: Free, but registration is required. 

Language: Russian (No interpretation to English)