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Sberbank today is an international financial group. The 173-year history and the title of the oldest and largest bank in Russia does not prevent Sberbank from openly and faithfully competing in the banking market, keeping pace with current market trends and even surpassing them.
“We give people confidence and reliability, we make their life better by helping to realize their aspirations and dreams” - this is the mission of Sberbank today.
Sberbank of Russia today is a modern universal commercial bank, the services of which are used by more than 100 million individuals (more than 70% of the population of Russia) and about 1 million enterprises (out of 4.5 million registered legal entities in Russia).
Sberbank's team is more than 245 thousand people. The scale of the bank's business opens up wide prospects for its employees for development, professional and career growth. In Russia, Sberbank is represented by a unique branch network of 16 regional banks and more than 17,000 branches. In addition, the geography of the Bank's presence covers 22 countries (Russia, CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, China, India).

In 2013, Sberbank was recognized as the most expensive Russian brand, the value of which, according to experts, amounted to 14.16 billion dollars. Sberbank ranks fifth among European banking brands, and thirteenth among world brands.
Sberbank implements large-scale sponsorship and social projects. Charitable activities of the bank are associated with the support of the family and children's institutions, culture and art, a healthy lifestyle, education and educational institutions.