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Tinkoff Bank

Business Category : IT/Communications

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Contact Number : +7 495 6481000

Location : Moscow, Russia

Post Code : 123060

Address : Pervy Volokolamskiy proezd, 10, stroenie 1


Tinkoff Bank, the world’s largest independent digital bank by customer base, is part of London-listed TCS Group Holding PLC, Russia’s innovative provider of online retail financial services through its high-tech branchless platform. TCS Group also includes virtual mobile operator ‘Tinkoff Mobile’, direct insurer ‘Tinkoff Insurance’, and ‘Tinkoff Software DC’, a network of development hubs across Russia. Using its powerful platform, Tinkoff sells both its own products and services and those of its and partners to customers across Russia.


Tinkoff Bank was established as a branchless credit card issuer by the country’s serial entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov in 2006 and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2013. Just over a decade since its inception, Tinkoff is completely cloud-based and offers products ranging from current accounts and online securities trading for individuals to accounting and tax support services for small and mid-sized businesses.


With no retail branches, the Group serves its customers remotely via online channels and its call centre, and operates a network of over 2,500 `​`smart couriers'​'​to ensure smooth delivery of its products. The network covers all of Russia and allows next day delivery to most customers. They do 20,000 deliveries per day, covering 2,100 locations.


Despite its formidable size, staying close to the customer and providing user-friendly interfaces are central to the success of Tinkoff Bank. Also perhaps rather unfashionably for a fintech, Tinkoff remains one of the world’s most profitable lenders.